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June 18, 2018 - Meeting Danish Embassy

From BENG to better

Yesterday there was a meeting at the Danish Embassy in The Hague with the aim of looking at the forthcoming regulations regarding Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings (BENG) in a more integrated way than the government is doing now.

The current Dutch ambitions for energy-neutral construction are too focused on CO2 reduction alone. 

Alexandra Boot's share was mainly about the European Directive (EPBD 2018 Energy Performance Building Directive) that will be published this month. 

According to her, energy reduction should go hand in hand with, among other things, fire safety and a better indoor climate. “In the energy transition, health and safety in the built environment are the key to workable business models for investors 

and end users. This also achieves another goal: reducing healthcare costs by approximately 100 billion on an annual basis and better spending of funds from pension funds and

(health) insurers.” A broader approach to NZEB would therefore fit in well with the EPBD 2018, is the idea.

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