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Mr. Andrea Joore


   Tax specialist

   T: +31 20 50 41 570

   F: +31 20 50 41 589

Mr. Andrea Joore

Andrea Joore-van Zanten has been working in the tax law practice since 1986. She studied law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and graduated in civil and corporate law. For more than 21 years, she has worked at the Tax and Customs Administration on complex tax files concerning, among others, large non-profit institutions, universities, municipalities, insurers, professional football organizations and other large entrepreneurs.

She now has 10 years of experience in tax consultancy. Andrea specializes in:

  • sales tax;

  • transfer tax;

  • the VAT compensation fund.


She currently works for (international) entrepreneurs, municipalities, provinces, water boards, housing corporations and other not-for-profit institutions. In particular, the taxation of real estate-related projects, including the development of zoning plans, is part of her range of duties. She is also involved in projects related to sustainable development and sustainability of real estate.

Andrea is also affiliated with a tax consultancy firm that specializes in taxation in public law bodies and with WoltersKluwer as editor of the Fiscale Encyclopedie de Vakstudie Turnover Tax.

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