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Mr. Regina King


   T: +31 20 50 41 570

   F: +31 20 50 41 589

Mr. Regina King

Regina Koning worked at the Institute for Construction Law for 18 years, first as a legal assistant and then as a senior legal assistant. From January 2018 she started her own legal consultancy. She studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen. 


  • Environmental law

  • Construction law

  • Energy transition

  • Circular construction/sustainable construction

Regina Koning has many publications to her name in the field of public and private construction law. She has extensive knowledge of various legal aspects in the field of construction law and can view them in context. Originally she is a public law lawyer, specialized in environmental law. She combines this with her knowledge of private construction law (particularly contracting and tendering). Her focus is on the environmental law aspects of sustainable construction and development, circular construction and developments regarding energy transition. She also advises on the transition to the Environment and Planning Act. After all, the power of these developments and the social benefits that can be achieved by looking at these developments together are great. In her advice, Regina Koning is always practice-oriented with thorough knowledge of the current state of legislation and regulations and jurisprudence and with an eye for future developments for which the practice must be prepared. She can share her knowledge in a pleasant and instructive way, works well and pleasantly together and has very good communication skills.

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