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Mr. Frans van den Eijnden


   T: +31 20 50 41 570

   F: +31 20 50 41 589

Mr. Frans van den Eijnden

Frans van den Eijnden has been working as a tax specialist since 1977. He has worked for the Tax and Customs Administration, as a corporate tax lawyer for Koninklijke Ahold NV and the ANWB and as a senior advisor for KPMG Meijburg. He studied tax law at the University of Amsterdam.

French specializes in:

  • sales tax

  • transfer tax

  • the VAT compensation fund.

He has extensive experience with taxation in the field of international trade and real estate. He works for (international) entrepreneurs, municipalities, provinces, water boards, housing associations and other not-for-profit institutions, taking the interests of all parties into account in his advice. Frans advises on new construction projects and neighborhood development projects, among other things, and supervises forms of collaboration involving public and private parties.

He defends the interests of his clients towards the Tax and Customs Administration and has extensive experience in conducting tax proceedings.

Side activities

Frans is a passionate teacher and provides courses, master classes and in-house training and is able to explain complex issues in understandable language.

Frans is affiliated with a tax office that specializes in taxation for public law entities.

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