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Government Practice and Procurement Law

Procurement law has become increasingly complex over the years. In addition to the European rules, implemented in the Public Procurement Act 2012, there is an increasing number of accompanying regulations such as the Proportionality Guide and the Public Procurement Regulations. As a result of this increased complexity, it is sometimes not easy to interpret and apply the rules precisely. For example, is it permissible for a market party to have a minor defect in its tender repaired? When does a contracting authority set requirements that are too strict in relation to the contract? What rules apply if a private party voluntarily organizes a tender?

Boot Advocaten has been specializing in all facets that are important in a tender procedure for 25 years. We assist government institutions in the efficient and lawful organization of (European) tendering procedures. But market parties also use our expertise when drawing up a tender. Naturally, we also have extensive experience in assisting both government institutions and market parties in disputes about a tender procedure, for example about the legality of the tender documentation.

We advise and litigate in (disputes about) tendering procedures that relate to works, deliveries and services. We are ready to think along with you at every stage of a tender procedure and to provide you with the necessary knowledge.

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