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Care and health

Developments in healthcare follow each other in rapid succession. This complex force field, characterized by a large number of stakeholders with divergent interests, is dominated by the (political) pursuit of high-quality, accessible and affordable healthcare.

This means that supervisors, administrators and managers of healthcare institutions must be constantly alert. Topics such as the concentration of hospital care, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and (new) forms of collaboration are on the agenda of many healthcare administrators. Healthcare organizations are forced to take a critical look at their purchasing policy and have to deal with ever new financing structures. But issues with regard to the division of responsibility between administration, supervision, management and medical professionals also play a role in many places.

Broad knowledge of healthcare legislation

Boot Advocaten has specialist legal knowledge in the field of healthcare. We are aware of the latest developments and underlying legal requirements that influence the structure of the various parties in the healthcare sector. We can therefore advise you both strategically and operationally.

Our broad knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare legislation enables us to assist you in drawing up commercial contracts, shaping partnerships or advising you on legal disputes. We can also work with you to make the financing and funding system in healthcare legally applicable within your organization and to adjust the governance accordingly.

Naturally, healthcare real estate, procurement law and European law also belong to our areas of expertise. Under the influence of economic developments, issues related to healthcare real estate are now more complex than ever. In addition, the subject of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in this sector. The experts of Boot Advocaten from the various jurisdictions can also provide you with sound strategic advice in this area.

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