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Energy transition, the new reality

Second in the “Legal Workshops” series

The energy transition, prompted by the Paris climate objectives and consumer awareness, among other things, is creating a new reality that governments, the business community and society have to deal with. An important question is in which cases the obligation to connect to the gas transport network lapses.

The entire sustainability sector is subject to change: new/existing parties and technologies are introduced and changed, new rules apply. Clients are preparing for a transition from ownership to use and are faced with different financing models and multi-year assignments.

Partly from a responsible role in the realization of the energy agreement, you as a social real estate organization must accelerate the sustainability of your existing stock in the coming years. Despite the fact that you have fewer and fewer financial resources and FTEs at your disposal, you are still expected to manage complex tasks in the right direction. But how and where to start? What legal snags are there? And in which cases does the obligation to connect to the gas transport network lapse?

For whom?

This workshop is ideally suited for directors, property managers, heads of real estate, legal staff, facility managers, technical managers, appraisers and financiers of social real estate.

Date and time

2 oktober 2018 from 13:30 to 17:00 (following networking drinks)

Your participation

Your participation for the course is € 325,- excluding VAT and including coffee/tea, lunch and networking drink.


Nyenrode Business University
Street road 25 in Breukelen

This location is easy to reach by car and public transport.

To respond to this new reality and help you with this challenge, IVVD, again in collaboration with Boot Advocaten, is organizing the legal workshop “Energy transition, the new reality” at Nyenrode Business University.


  • Update existing obligations based on, among other things, the Environmental Management Act, Building Decree, European directives, Gas Act;​

  • Legal Sanctions;

  • How do I secure my ambitions in the field of circularity, sustainable energy and/or health in my contracts?

  • Which tendering techniques can I use to select and contract a partner based on principles such as innovation, flexibility and long-term cooperation;

  • Functional inquiries based on Key Performance Indicators, Selection or award criteria for circular construction, land allocation or area development.

  • Obligation to connect to the gas transport network, an overview of the cases in which this obligation lapses.

  • Result:
    Afterwards you will know the legal obligations and sanctions in the context of making your portfolio more sustainable and you will be able to contractually guarantee and tender your ambitions. You are aware of the cases in which the mandatory connection obligation to the gas transport network lapses.

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