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Boot Lawyers Top Real Estate Lawyers - 2014

According to PropertyNL, Boot Advocaten is once again one of the Top Real Estate Lawyers of the Year. We are of course very proud of this team performance and the fact that we are once again in the PropertyNL Top Real Estate Lawyers.

Property NL finds:

Boot Advocaten wants to distinguish itself in the construction and real estate world through an atypical approach. The firm is often involved in projects from the start, works at the interfaces of various jurisdictions and takes a multidisciplinary approach to projects. An example of this is the Sustainable Portfolio Scan, developed in part by Boot Advocaten. This involves identifying for a building owner or manager which (sustainable) measures can lead to cost savings and value appreciation. Insight also arises into the associated financial, legal, fiscal and technical possibilities and risks. Boot Advocaten also supervises projects in the sustainable energy and healthcare sectors, such as the development of a residential/care complex in Sassenheim. This concerned the tendering process for both the contractor and the energy service company, support in obtaining subsidies and financing, and contracting. En passant, emerging issues during the construction phase are prevented or resolved. 

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