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Healthy and energy-efficient buildings, you know the requirements

Promoting the energy performance of buildings is an important issue in the objective of reducing CO2 emissions. More than one third of energy consumption can be attributed to homes, offices and other buildings. The possibilities to drastically reduce this consumption exist, but are not being used sufficiently. In particular, the reduction of CO2 emissions from existing buildings will have to be tackled in the near future in order to be able to achieve the climate objectives as formulated at the various climate conferences together. All measures that contribute to the reduction will have to be taken and the approach to existing buildings is one that will contribute significantly.

In collaboration with EFK Belastingadviseurs, Boot Advocaten is organizing a meeting at which the legislation (at European and national level) that relates to this subject and indicates which requirements buildings must meet will be discussed. This means that you know the current and future requirements for buildings with the aim of increasing energy efficiency. We also deal with regulations related to a healthy indoor climate, both at European and national level.

We also discuss tax aspects that influence decisions taken by municipalities to make buildings more sustainable and/or healthier. Both corporate income tax (Energy Investment Allowance), BTW  (BCF) and energy tax (Postal code rose, net metering for small consumers, no energy tax for self-generation) are discussed. The most important subsidy schemes are also included.

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