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Guideline for tendering energy performance contracts

At the National ESCo Congress  has received Richard Tieskens from the Central Government Real Estate Agency the Public Procurement Guide. The guideline simplifies the tendering of an energy performance contract (EPC).

Download: Guide to Tendering Energy Performance Contracts

One way to effectively realize energy savings is to outsource sustainability measures to a Energy Service Company (ESCo). The performance to be delivered is recorded in an EPC.

Commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) made ( a guideline to help contracting authorities with the procurement procedure of energy performance contracts. did this in collaboration with Boot Advocaten and

Tendering guideline

The Tendering Guide describes step-by-step how to tender and draw up an energy performance contract. The step-by-step plan is intended for organizations that want to tender an EPC, as well as for contractors and consultants.

Bringing supply and demand together

Alexandra Boot, one of the authors of the Guidance: “The complexity prevents many organizations from working with ESCos and Energy Performance Contracts. We bring supply and demand together and help organize the (PPP) process. As a public party, if you want to tackle a complex process in an integrated way, you need a lot of information from all relevant disciplines in advance. Only then can market parties respond adequately. The Guideline is a kind of route planner for an effective integrated procurement process for complex projects.”

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