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Decision tree for making schools more sustainable; online tool now available

A healthier indoor climate for the school? Economical lighting? Insulating the roof or rather HR++ glass? Or just solar panels? Many school boards struggle with the issue of sustainability. They want to make their schools more sustainable, but do not know what measures they can best take. The Decision Tree for Making Schools Sustainable is a tool for choosing an approach for making their (existing) school building(s) more sustainable.

In order to provide your school board with tools, we have developed the Decision Tree for Sustainable Schools together with Arcadis on behalf of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. This free online tool provides packages of measures with solutions for energy and indoor climate improvements for school buildings (PO and VO) from different construction year classes. School boards can choose from nine integrated packages of measures, with measures that are mutually coordinated. These are calculated for an intended operating period of 5, 15 or 25 years. With eight of the nine Packages of Measures, it is possible to comply with the Environmental Management Act and with Energy Label C or B and Fresh Schools Class C or B. This tool helps schools to make their property more sustainable with well-considered, calculated, integrated packages of measures. In short, a step-by-step plan towards sustainable school buildings. In addition, you will be helped with tendering and the choice of contract formation.


Invest smart
In this way, school boards can smartly become more sustainable. The Decision Tree then provides an indication of the required construction and investment costs, options for financing and useful information about tendering procedures.

Available for free






The School Sustainability Decision Tree is available free of charge as an online tool:

Decision tree sustainability
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