mr. Dick Visser

Dick Visser has, after working a short period in the education sector, been working as a fiscal lawyer since 1979. He started working for the tax authorities but from 1991 onwards was associated with various tax firms. From 1993 to 1997 he studied fiscal law at the University of Amsterdam.


Dick specialised at the technical department of the tax authorities in turnover tax, transfer tax and VAT Compensation Fund. He has extensive experience in fiscal matters concerning small and big local authorities and similar aspects relating to cooperation between them. He is also well versed in the fiscal guidance of collaboration arrangements set up for large development areas.

Dick is known for his thorough opinions and has been characterised by his clients as being rapid, dependable and creative, able to think out-of-the box.

Dicks works for municipalities, provinces and the central government but also for housing associations, area developpers and care institutions. He is able to identify the interests of all parties involved and thus prevent unnecessary differences of opinions on the fiscal aspects between the parties involved.

Other professional activities

Dick is an experienced lecturer who has the ability to use plain language in order to explain complex fiscal issues. He has taught at the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB), the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Academy of Public Administration and often organises in-house trainings. Dick is also affiliated to a firm of tax consultants specialised in bodies governed by public law.