drs. Eljo de Galan

Eljo de Galan is communicatiemanager with 25+ years of national and international experience in the marketing communication and innovation field. Her workexperience ranges from (online) corporate communication, internal communication, new business to strategic changemanagement.

She worked for local, regional and national governmental organisations, an international advertising agency, ING Real Estate, KPN, Fresenius Kabi pharma and other large, midsize and small companies.

At Boot Advocaten Eljo manages the corporate profiling of the Boot vision, ambition and professionalism. She also helps lawyers getting the clients that suit them. And help clients in the Construction and Real Estate, Energy and Healthcare to find the agency that might suit them; Boot Advocaten.

You can always get in touch with Eljo. We’re open for improvement.

Eljo de Galan