There are many developments in the care industry. The different stakeholders are more and more focused on a variety of subjects concerning care; the outcome should be a high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare. This means that supervisors, chairmen and managers of healthcare institutions have to be alert at all times. But the medical specialists, general practitioners, distributors, manufacturers or insurors are coping with new dynamics all the time as well. zorg2How should one anticipate adequately within this – partly -regulated setting. What are the rules of the game one is dealing with?

Boot Advocaten has specialist legal knowledge on the subject of care. Our lawyers know from knowledge, skills and experience how all developments and underlying legal requirements influence the structure of the different parties involved. Therefor we are able to offer strategic and operational advice; our vast knowledge and experience on the subject of healthcare law enble us to assist you in drafting commercial contracts, shaping alliances, providing solid advice on legal differences and, together with you, making the financing and costing system in care legally applicable within your organisation and synchronizing governance. .Health care real estate, procurement law and European law are also our fields of expertise.

New measures force us to a strategic reorientation in the care industry. The themes of financing healthcare and effectiveness are high on every agenda. More than ever subject like mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and (new) alliances and concentration of hospital care are hot topics. Health care organisations are forced to scrutinize their purchasing policies and are confronted with new financing structures of care, does care and renumeration fall under the Zorgverzekeringswet, the AWBZ or the WMO? Or should healthcare be paid out of ones own pocket? What does the law ‘marktordening gezondheidszorg’ imply? Governance is an important topic in the discussions on the accountability between management, board, supervisors and medical professionals. What arrangements can you make and at what renumeration. What about the law ‘ Normering Topinkomens’?

Under influence of the economic situation and prospects the case of health care real estate is more complicated than ever. The subject of sustainability is increasingly important in care. On these matters the experts of Boot advocaten have all the relevant knowledge to give you a thorough strategic advice.

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