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New building or renovation of real-estate in this day and age cannot be carried out without explicit objectives on sustainability. Legislation in this field is becoming more and more stringent. And real estate and energy are getting more and more intertwined.

For many companies corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important tool for their business strategy. Boot advocaten knows exactly how the realization of ‘green’ objectives fits into a contract. Not only should the building be sustainable, but also its exploitation and use. The firm has special knowledge and experience in sustainable energy.

Real estate and energy are getting more and more intertwined. New building and renovation are therefore often realized according to the principles of the ‘Trias Energetica’ (avoiding the waste of energy by design and isolation, using residual heat and available energy as effectively as possible and making a maximal use of energy from renewable sources). This requires extra investments, that do not generate payback until the exploitation phase. Boot advocaten is experienced in Green Lease contracts for the retail and office building market, that enable splitting the costs and benefits of sustainable energy solutions between lessor and tenants.

It becomes more and more clear that (decentralized) energy production of its own is the only way for many companies, housing corporations and private owners to keep the costs of energy under control. Regardless of the chosen options or combinations (solar-energy, wind energy, Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage ( ATES), biogas) there is always need for custom made contracts between the various parties concerned such as builders, commercial operators, producers, transmission system operators (TSO’s), installers and customers. Boot advocaten is at the forefront of these developments. Not only through the legal realization but also by counselling during procurements and the necessary proceedings for the required permits. Recently a DBMFO-contract was drafted for ‘Woningcorporatie de Vooruitgang’ in Sassenheim for the energy supply of a housing and care complex with rental and sale apartments and shops on the ground level. Also, Boot Advocaten drafted a contract for the inclusion of an ESCo in an energy corporation.

As a boutique firm Boot advocaten is well informed and has a stake in the latest innovative developments taking place in the market for sustainable energy. The office is involved in the adaptation of the legislation for certification and subsidizing energy from renewable sources and for Closed Distribution systems and Direct lines for the transportation of energy. We are founding partner of ESCoNetwerk Nederland ( , the network for information on ESCo’s.

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