Corporate Social Responsibility

The lawyers of Boot Advocaten are socially involved and let not-for-profit organizations profit from their specific knowledge. The firm also sponsors various educational and cultural institutions, including the Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen. Boot Advocaten is supporter of the project BizWorld, a program that allows schoolchildren to experience what it takes to set up a business of their own. Under the guidance of a true entrepreneur the young people learn to deal with the challenges and disappointments of entrepreneurship and to feel the passion of applying their entrepreneurial skills (

Social responsible entrepreneurship is embedded in our DNA. For us, sustainability is therefore more than reducing paper consumption and waste separation. Together with our clients we find ways for a sustainable implementation of projects and fundings. Boot Advocaten is a founding partner of ESCoNetwerk Nederland, the information network on ESCo’s (Energy Service Companies). This platform aims to inform organizations about the possibilities of having their own energy managed cheaper and / or better organized.

According to Boot Advocaten the Netherlands needs more social responsible entrepreneurship. Many persistent problems in areas where market and government so far have failed, call for new, sustainable and self-sufficient solutions. Opportunities are manifold for companies and can be found outside the traditional markets and government. Boot Advocaten supports precisely this kind of enterprises in creating social innovation in the Netherlands.