Construction and real estate

The real estate and building sector is changing all the time. New issues such as sustainable building and development and local energy production are surfacing. Boot Advocaten counsels clients to help them realise their changing strategic goals. On complex project- and integrated area developments. Boot Advocaten counsels from the first strategic meeting up to the tender, realization and exploitation of new development projects as well of urban re-development projects.  On real estate and Building Boot Advocaten works the front, focussing on issues such as building time prolongation, additional or less work, off settable amounts, cost-increasing circumstances, delivery and mandatory warnings. But also after delivery, on issues such as latent defects, design flaws, implementation failures, exceeding building time, damages caused by building works and insurance disputes.

 A key success factor is that we use our knowledge of private, public and European law and combine that with our grasp of political sensibilities and our understanding of technical specifications, planning and budgets.

The economic crisis is having a strong impact on the real estate sector: the financial prospects of land development are increaslingly under pressure and it is harder to fulfil contractual obligations. Boot Advocaten is an expert in renegotiating contracts (e.g. building claims), untwining alliances, going to court when obligations are not fulfilled (financial recovery) and filing for bankruptcies.

Boot Advocaten has extensive experience in building law cases and as a boutique firm has counselled on important real estate projects such as the City Hall of The Hague as well as Babylon and the Zurich tower in The Hague and the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Boot Advocaten has also contributed to major rail infrastructure projects such as the Zoetermeerlijn, the Oosterheemlijn and the replacement of switch points and rails for the municipal subway company of Amsterdam (GVB). It has also been involved in the redevelopment of inner city areas such as the Central Boulevard of Zandvoort and the Cultural Center and Theater of Hoofddorp, as well in many housing projects.

Boot Advocaten has acted also as a legal counsel in a large number of high-profile projects such as the noise-control project of Schiphol, the Spoorzone in Tilburg, Central District in Rotterdam, project Brouwerspoort in Veenendaal and the Louis Davidscarré in Zandvoort. Our recurring clients include, amongst others, project developers, contractors, financiers, public authorities and housing associations.

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