Construction and real estate

We help our clients realize their strategic goals, by providing counsel from the first strategy meeting up to realization and exploitation. In this sector we mostly advise, focusing for example on building time extension, additional or less work, etc. But also after delivery, on issues such as latent defects or…read more

Energy sector

Boot Advocaten is a leading niche firm in the area of sustainability, energy and real estate. We have in-depth knowledge of the Warmtewet and the Electriciteitswet. Clients include government, social housing, energy companies, etc. We’re specialists in the area of ESCos: fiscal and legal feasability, (model)contracts… readread more


Because of our expertise in the area of healthcare, we know how developments and underlying legal requirements in this sector influence the structure of different parties. Our strong suit is the management of transition projects in the Social Domain. We’re experts in procurement for municipailities, contracts for care instititutions… read more